Sunday, November 14, 2010

AHIP Answers

I use Google Analytics to observe the trends on my site, including this blog. Searches including the term AHIP (America's Health Insurance Plans) have a high hit rate, including the following phrases:
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Long list, right? It would seem there are people desperate to find answers on AHIP examinations. Well, I would like to tell everyone what the answer to every AHIP exam question is:
  1. Read the material!
It's as simple as that. All the answers and how to study them are there. To help, you could take notes, make flash cards, use the provided study guide, etc., which are all basic study skills. Trying to avoid reading the material is not only lazy, but deceitful, and rather defeats the purpose of the AHIP courses and exams: to educate people about the American insurance system, especially targeted for those people who work in the system. Now why would you want to cheat your way through that? Isn't the system broken enough? Do you really need to contribute to it by cheating on a simple test?

Now, if you're reading this and you have an exam coming up, turn off the screen, pick up the book, and start reading.


    1. what book? I am Just trying to figure out what I need to learn. Seems like everyone is just trying to sell info.

      1. AHIP publishes a book that goes along with the courses. It is quite simple: buy the book from AHIP, read it, take the test.


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