Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Goals Revisited

Earlier this year, I wrote about goals for 2010. Here are the goals I documented:
  • Complete all tasks as assigned for HEDIS 2011
  • Submit HEDIS 2010 measures to NCQA
  • Complete any post-HEDIS analyses
  • Complete an internal leadership course
  • Coordinate two projects to completion
  • Complete another AHIP course
  • Complete another SAS course (advanced macros or programming 3)
  • Share SAS tools (e.g., macros, autoexecs) with other users
Obviously, these goals were very tied to my previous position at the local health insurance company, Dean Health Plan. Since then, I have accepted a new position at a clinical practice organization, the UW Medical Foundation, so my goals had to change significantly. I'm still in the process of familiarization, but I have completed several projects already. So what should my goals look like? Here's an attempt at a revision:
  • Complete all tasks related to assigned quality-of-care measures for submission to Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ)
  • Complete any ad-hoc analyses
  • Automate and update assigned production reports and processes (e.g., bulk emails)
  • SAS: Document setup; organize user group to share knowledge, processes, and macros; and implement security procedures for stored Oracle passwords
  • Provide support for other projects as needed
  • Familiarize with organization structure, including existing process/data/knowledge silos, and begin the communication process to reduce such silos
I have already completed some of these goals, including a submission to WCHQ, ad-hoc requests, automating several reports/processes, and the SAS list. Next year, I should be sufficiently familiar with my position and the organization to have a more in-depth understanding of what I can help the organization with aside from my assigned duties.

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