Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lego Raspberry Pi Cases

I purchased a Raspberry Pi last year, and inspired by a girl in Britain who assembled her own Pi case, I spent way too much time making my own Lego case:

I made it so it could be mounted on the wall. Additionally, the left side opens to expose the GPIO pins, although I doubt you could fit something on them without having to remove pieces from the case.

A friend of mine also has a Pi, but he was using a plastic food container for its housing. I simply could not stand for this, so I created another case for him:

This one doesn't mount on the wall. I think he's just using it on an entertainment center near the cable modem box. Unlike my case, it opens fully, exposing the entire board. I forgot to take a picture of this feature, but you can see the hinges on one of the side photos.

Both of these cases use some classic Lego pieces that I received from my cousin when I was a kid. The old-school computer terminals in blue and grey and the pieces with space logos came from this set, and I mixed them with some newer space buttons and circuitry. The glass-like covers are also newer, but have a similar hokey space feel to them.

It was fun putting my old Legos to use again!