Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two Special Notes

A few weeks ago we were packing up all our stuff to move to our new house. During this process, I found two notes from former coworkers, delivered on my last day of work at different jobs. Here's the first:

Here's the transcription in case the image does not appear:
Dear Chris —
     I have enjoyed watching you learn and grow over the last couple of years. You have become and excellent analyst — UWMF is lucky to have you. I will miss your superb work, smiling face and Luca stories! Best of luck to you on this exciting step in your career! I wish you, Kyra and Luca much happiness!

And here's the second:

with the text:
     I really appreciate the time and dedication and professionalism that you offered to the [organization's] projects and my RA project in particular. You pressed on to make this all possible, and I am grateful. Regrets for the frustrations along the way, but know that your contribution will be remembered.
    All the best with your next personal + professional pursuits! Congrats on the well deserved Scientist position!
    Thank you,

I kept both notes because they are very meaningful to me, and I think this highlights how important it is to write hand-written notes of thanks to you colleagues: It can be touching, powerful, and memorable for the recipient, and the writer has earned a relatively permanent place in memory. It's a perfect way to not only show genuine gratitude, but also earn a positive place in the recipient's mind, whether for the purpose of networking, friendship, or simple kindness.

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