Saturday, November 26, 2011

64bit GNU/Linux and Webcams (Logitech Quickcam Express)

I've been trying to get  Skype to work on my home PC, which has 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux installed. I came across the following article, which, with a slight modification, worked perfectly.

Here are the instructions with the modification:
  1. As a superuser...
  2. For each 32-bit application, create a script in /usr/bin consisting of the following code.
  3. Name the code APP-camera-fix, where APP is the software to patch (e.g., skype-camera-fix).
  4. Mark the code as executable (I do this in Nautilus via the properties menu).
  5. Change each shortcut to the application to the script you just made (e.g., change the Skype shortcut to /usr/bin/skype-camera-fix).
  6. Test it out by opening Skype and testing the camera in the Options menu.

#! /bin/sh
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/ skype

The modification is to simply add "32" to the /usr/lib path. Works perfectly!

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